InitiaLit–2 (Year 2)​
whole-class initial instruction in literacy

About InitiaLit–2

By Year 2, most children will be well on their way to reading independence. The program builds on the skills taught in InitiaLit–F and InitiaLit–1, with the focus shifting now to consolidating children’s reading and spelling skills, working specifically on reading comprehension, fluency, spelling and vocabulary.

InitiaLit–2 has four main components:

  1. Spelling. This component reviews phoneme-grapheme correspondences and spelling concepts taught in InitiaLit–1 and teaches the remainder of the advanced alphabetic code systematically and explicitly. Children will also learn new spelling rules and morphological concepts.
  2. Reading comprehension and fluency. In this component, children will be taught comprehension strategies explicitly and how to apply them to different types of text. They will also be given regular opportunities to work on reading fluency through echo, choral and paired reading.
  3. Grammar. Children will be explicitly taught key grammatical features and how to apply them to a writing task.
  4. Vocabulary, oral language and comprehension through children’s literature. Detailed lessons are provided for each of the 15 storybook titles selected for use with the program, including detailed writing tasks. Two novel studies are included for use towards the end of the year.

For InitiaLit–2 First-time Purchasers

To maintain integrity of delivery and ensure you get the most out of your program, purchase of a InitiaLit Professional Development (PD) Workshop is required with the first purchase of a InitiaLit-2 Kit.

To complete your First-time Purchase, please register for a InitiaLit PD Workshop, and when prompted, add the InitiaLit-2 Kit to your cart.  If you would like to purchase more than one InitiaLit-2 Kit, please increase the quantity in the cart before checking out.

Once you have completed the checkout process for these items, we will activate your InitiaLit-2 Membership and send a confirmation by email within two business days. You will then be able to return to the shop to purchase additional consumables and replacement components. 

Customers that have already completed the InitiaLit PD Workshop as part of either an InitiaLit-F or InitiaLit-1 Membership program are not required to attend the InitiaLit PD Workshop again; you may purchase your InitiaLit-2 Kit on its own, using the respective button below.

For Existing InitiaLit–2 Members

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InitiaLit–2 Extension

The InitiaLit Extension suite of resources and professional development aims to provide capable readers undertaking the InitiaLit–Foundation, InitiaLit–1 and InitiaLit–2 programs with extended and enriched reading practice. The InitiaLit–2 Extension RAD Reading Book can be used in place of the original RAD Reading Book during small group time.

InitiaLit–2 Extension RAD Reading Book (pack of 6)
InitiaLit Extension PD
by eLearning

Storybooks for use with InitiaLit–2

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