LanguageLift Book Pack


This pack of books contains all 15 LanguageLift titles, published by Putto Press, an imprint of MultiLit Pty Ltd.

A spotty sock mystery, a snail who won’t eat her greens, and a very bossy duck! Each LanguageLift book includes carefully chosen rich language features. Teachers can use the books as springboards for lessons on different language elements to support early reading and writing. Ideal for use with students aged 5-8.

The LanguageLift storybooks have been written to contain clear key elements of narrative structure. Different books in the series have a particular focus on one key element (e.g., character, actions, feelings). Vocabulary and sentence structure has been carefully considered to allow for discussions about interesting words and work on useful language for story-telling. Each LanguageLift book includes carefully chosen rich language features, and can be used as the basis of lessons on features such as use of adjectives, prepositional phrases and time connectives. While these books have been written to accompany MultiLit's forthcoming LanguageLift program, they can also be used independently. The book pack includes the following titles: From relatable stories about young protagonists in familiar settings, to animal antics and make-believe worlds, these beautifully illustrated books will amuse and engage children, and are certain to bring reading pleasure to all young readers.
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